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Baby Daddy

A 20-something bachelor bartender becomes an unlikely parent when an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl on his doorstep.

Duration:22 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Baby Daddy
"Twenty-something Ben decides to give parenting a shot."
"Ben and the boys come up with a fool-proof babysitting schedule."
"Ben hits it off with Emma's nurse."
"Bonnie's presence at the boys' apartment disrupts their routine."
"A potential new boss assumes Ben and Riley are married."
"Riley is voted team captain of Ben's softball team."
"Ben and Tucker are at odds when they date the same girl."
"Ben has a one-on-one to clean up his act at an elite Mommy and Me class."
"Ben tries to bring everyone together for Emma's first Christmas photo."
"Riley is in Maid of Honor mode as she counts down to Katie's wedding."
Season 2 - Baby Daddy
"Riley is convinced that Ben is \"that guy.\""
"Ben thinks that Fitch is married and wants to warn Riley."
"Ben hears about an energy drink endorsement opportunity for Danny."
"Bonnie is moving into the city, right across the hall from the boys."
"Ben has his eye on Tucker's co-worker Jenna."
"Ben tries to find a daycare for Emma."
"When Emma's stuffed animal goes missing, Ben is convinced someone stole it."
"Riley plans to end her relationship with Fitch, but discovers that he died."
"Tucker and his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, start up their relationship again."
"Riley questions her future after taking the bar exam."
"Ben's girlfriend's dog is stolen while under his care."
"Everyone gets together for Emma's christening - including Ben's dad."
"Ben starts to wonder if he and Riley would make a good couple."
"Ben and Tucker set up a rival playgroup."
"Ben throws Riley a birthday party. Bonnie and Tucker track down Emma's mom."
"Ben is on a mission to find the most popular toy for Emma's first Christmas, but all the stores are sold out."
Season 3 - Baby Daddy
"Ben and Riley try to jumpstart their relationship but Emma's mom, Angela, gets in the way. Tucker tries to help Danny get over his failed relationships."
"Riley wonders if Ben should give family life with Angela a shot."
"Tucker scores Danny an interview on the Mary Hart Show."
"Bonnie's new boss gives her an impossible apartment listing."
"The guys start a campaign to be on their building's Resident Board so they can keep their rooftop beach. Riley and Bonnie go on a double date."
"Ben and Tucker swap names while pursuing a woman. Elsewhere, Riley runs into a former rival and enlists Danny in a revenge scheme; and Bonnie gets Tucker to assist her in creating a slogan for her new business."
"Ben tries to score a second date with Heather in order to win a wager with Riley. Elsewhere, Bonnie asks Danny to end her relationship with Brad for her, and then she becomes interested in Brad's dad; and Tucker uses Emma to improve his dating life."
"Tucker pretends to be a lawyer in order to please his dad, and Ben helps with the charade. Meanwhile, Riley develops a crush on a British guy, but Bonnie mistakenly thinks she's fallen for Danny; and the gang's trip to a Renaissance faire goes badly."
"Phillip may lose his visa thanks to Ben. Meanwhile, Danny dates a sports reporter; and Tucker adopts a phony British accent to impress women."
"Tucker's new girlfriend used to date Ben but doesn't seem to remember. Riley is invited to a spa day with her boss."
"Bonnie sets Ben up on a date with an energetic gal who's similar to herself. Elsewhere, Danny gets his dad's cherished car out of storage, but problems arise when Riley and Tucker take it for a spin."
"Ben throws a bash for Emma's first birthday and puts Tucker in charge of entertainment. Meanwhile, Ben encounters an ex-girlfriend who's hiding a big secret; and Danny uncovers shocking news about Riley's family."
"Riley starts a new romance. Meanwhile, Bonnie wants to rekindle things with Brad, so she asks for Tucker's assistance."
"Ben takes Bonnie to a Bon Jovi concert to thank her for all she does, but the tickets Tucker gets him are counterfeit. Elsewhere, Danny's former vice principal inappropriately flirts with him when he and Riley chaperone a prom at their old high school."
"Riley tries to figure out who her biological father is and comes up with two candidates. Elsewhere, Tucker blames his dad for his parents' impending divorce, so Bonnie attempts to help by getting Tucker's father to be less rigid."
"Philip's sister is less than impressed with Riley; Bonnie's actions threaten Danny's career."
"Ben, Danny, and Riley take stock of their lives when they review their fifth-grade time capsules."
"Ben wants to see Emma walk and tries bribing her with food, but it doesn't work. Instead, she toddles after he leaves for work, so the gang devise a scheme for him not to miss out on this milestone. Meanwhile, everyone reflects on Emma's infancy."
"Ben and Tucker pose as fraternity pledges after Bonnie sells their money-stuffed foosball table."
"Ben hopes to rekindle his romance with Riley when he joins her on a train trip to Florida."
"Ben and Riley learn the truth about Danny's feelings for Riley; Danny considers moving to Paris."
Season 4 - Baby Daddy
"Riley decides to pull a prank on everyone after all the jokes they've played on her over the years."
"Ben gets in a bad mood as Christmas approaches, so he makes a wish that the holiday never existed. His wish is granted, but he's unprepared for the consequences: Emma's existence is erased and everyone's lives are on different courses."
"Ben starts to think that Riley might be in love with Danny, so he comes up with a plan to find out the truth."
"While trying to convince Riley that they are soulmates, Ben realizes he knows none of her favorite things. Bonnie resists Tucker's efforts to get her to move out and Danny continues to pretend to be in Paris."
"Ben and Riley are attacked by a mugger and Danny saves the day, but needs to stay anonymous. Tucker thinks the story is perfect to save his job at Mary Hart's show."
"Riley is estatic when Danny is offered a bit part on General Hospital, her favorite show. In continuing to scheme to get Bonnie's apartment back, Tucker pretends to hold a funeral and Bonnie misrepresents Ben as a gay man."
"Ben and Danny compete to see who can pair Bonnie up with the perfect date."
"Riley abuses her corporate card and tries to enlist Ben and Danny's help to explain the charges."
"Riley denies having feelings for Danny but she continually interrupts his date with her co-worker. Ben and Tucker dress up as sailors during Fleet Week to meet girls while Bonnie tries to find a nice way to end a relationship."
"While planning Bonnie's party, Ben accidentally lets Danny know he was lied to about his actual birth date. Riley and Tucker try to hide the fact that Emma had an accident while they were watching her."
"Bonnie must compete with Brad to win the opportunity to sell Bon Jovi's amazing apartment."
"Riley finally confesses her feelings for Danny just as he is about to leave for a weekend with Robyn. Ben and Bonnie come up with a fake secret admirer to help Tucker out of his doldrums. It gets complicated when she is told Tucker has a terminal illness."
"After making a mess of her confession to Danny, Riley retreats to her parents' house to hide."
"Ben is accused of letting the others provide most of Emma's care so he announces he can do it all himself. Riley makes up a boyfriend while Danny and Bonnie take a class with temperamental chef Tommy Kwan."
"Ben and Riley compete with each other playing a game in a bar - whoever makes out with a stranger first wins. Danny makes an investment."
"Bonnie thinks Danny and Ben buying the bar is a bad idea and uses underhanded means to sabotage them. Riley takes Tucker's damage lawsuit to court but finds out too late the case is based on falsehoods."
"Ben tries to corrupt Riley's kindhearted boyfriend; Bonnie attempts to join the boys' poker game."
"Ben has a health crisis and needs to choose a guardian for Emma. Bonnie's ex Brad returns but pretends to be his twin Thad to try and get Bonnie back."
"Riley throws a party to meet Ross' friends; Danny tries to learn more about his new girlfriend."
"The gang fails to protect a possession of Bonnie's while reminiscing about their various entanglements."
"Bonnie enlists Riley to plan her bachelorette party, but when Bonnie learns of Brad's plans, she decides to crash."
"Bonnie's \"frenemy\" Charlotte helps Bonnie prepare for the wedding, but may have other plans up her sleeve."
Season 5 - Baby Daddy
"Riley faints after Danny asks her to marry him, and when she wakes up, has no memory of his proposal. Trying to move on from Riley, Ben immediately hits it off with new neighbor Zoey."
"Ben wants to get back into the dating scene but Riley decides she needs to \"fix\" him first so he will be a better boyfriend. Bonnie gets Danny high but has to think fast when the hockey team drug tests."
"Ben seeks\"Ben-Geance\" on the girl who spurned him in high school, Bonnie decides marrying Brad might not have been a good idea and Danny can't stomach Riley's cooking, but doesn't have the heart to tell her."
"A video of Mary Hart berating Tucker goes viral after Emma accidentally uploads it online. Bonnie is left alone after Brad leaves to volunteer overseas and tries to spend all her time with Danny, much to Riley's chagrin."
"Ben begs Danny to find out if Sam is interested in dating him but she thinks Danny is asking for himself. Zoey would like Tucker to help her with Ben but he misunderstands. Riley accidentally sets up Bonnie with a lesbian client."
"Ben wants to prove that Danny is jealous of Riley's continued friendship with him, so he is willing to put himself in awkward situations involving Riley to get Danny jealous. Tucker continues to have casual sexual flings with Sondra, but ends up finally calling things off for good, having reached his patience with her annoying high-pitched voice. Riley is tasked with giving a heartfelt speech to Bernard Bender, one of the elderly founding members of her law firm who is retiring. Bonnie plans to use the opportunity to get close to Mr. Bender to elevate her real estate ..."
"Emma's mother returns and wants to see Emma, but Ben is hesitant and Tucker lives in fear since he thinks Mary Hart is out to get him, and Bonnie is temporarily managing the bar and takes the opportunity to try out some new ideas."
"When Sam considers quitting her job at the bar because of a long commute Ben has the perfect solution. But mostly perfect for Ben. Bonnie starts a new job and hires Tucker as her assistant but things go terribly wrong."
"Riley pulls some tricks to get Ben and Zoey together. Tucker tries to get a new job in the television business but Bonnie gets in his way. Danny wants to be a sports commentator."
"After Ben and Zoey innocently spend the night together Sam shows an interest in Ben. She invites him, Riley, and Danny to the beach where a secret is revealed. Bonnie mishears a Skype message and thinks Brad is leaving her."
"Riley is still heartbroken about finding out that Danny and Sam slept with each other back in high school and in puts Danny in a mock trial over her broken heart. Ben blackmails Zoey into pretending to date him."
"Ben discovers Tucker has been making extra cash by visiting a sperm bank. To help Tucker pick up a nurse at the bank, Ben agrees to donate his own sperm but quickly regrets his decision after a couple chooses his sample. Meanwhile, Riley and Danny fight while attempting to host their friend's engagement party."
"Ben confesses he didn't graduate from high school and it seems Bonnie didn't either. They need to take a make up test where Bonnie cheats and Ben is attracted to the teacher. Riley and Sam bond over getting into their school's hall of fame."
"When Ben invites Bonnie's estranged mother to family day at Emma's school, tensions run high and old wounds are opened. Riley and Tucker take an improv class."
"Ben pretends to be his mom's husband Brad when Bonnie's co-workers doubt his existence. Danny turns a fake relationship into reality with star Elena to make Riley jealous when she starts dating Ross again."
"Ben and Riley realize they are in for more than they bargained for with dating older, more mature adults, and work to come up with a plan to get out of their respective relationships. When Bonnie and Tucker gain insider information about players on Danny's hockey team, they bet against the Rangers to win some cash."
"Ben receives an anonymous note from a past love interest asking for a second chance, and does whatever he can to find the mystery girl. Danny misunderstands a note he thought was left for him and tries to get Riley back. Meanwhile, Tucker, Riley, and Bonnie enter Emma into a baby beauty pageant to get footage for Tucker's news segment."
"Ben and Sam are finally a couple, and decide to have their first date. However, misunderstandings on what they want on the date, lead to Danny and Riley getting involved in their relationship, making matters worse. Tucker is dating his dad's secretary Rene (Chelsea Harris). After getting suspicious assumptions from Bonnie, Tucker begins to believe that his dad is also dating Rene."
"Emma pokes holes in Ben's condoms using Bonnie's lost earring. Danny and Tucker have also been using Ben's condoms causing a pregnancy scare among the guys fearing that their respective significant others Riley, Rene and Sam are pregnant. Riley has difficulty dealing with an incompetent new assistant and asks for Bonnie's advice on firing him."
"Ben tries to make things right with Emma; Danny and Riley are offered new career opportunities; Brad returns home; Tucker has exciting news but no one to share with."
Season 6 - Baby Daddy
"Ben is still desperately searching for the mysterious Elle. Danny and Riley hunt for a good doctor to help with the pregnancy and Bonnie desperately wants to be involved."
"Ben suspects that Tucker went on a date with a hooker, so he and Danny set out to prove it."
"Now that Danny has moved in with Riley, Emma gets her own room and Ben realizes that he can finally have sex in his room again."
"Tucker learns the Mother's Day special he produced was nominated for a New York Entertainment Award. Tucker's mom surprises him by showing up to be his plus one to the ceremony, which throws a wrench in Tucker's plans to have Bonnie pose as his mom. Riley begins to show in her pregnancy and worries if this will hold her back from being promoted."
"Sam comes back into the picture wanting to give her and Ben's relationship another chance, but Ben hesitates on whether or not that's a good idea as he's still searching for the mysterious Elle. Danny and Tucker volunteer for a charity ice skating show featuring Emma's favorite princess, while Riley practices parenting."
"Danny is being overprotective of pregnant Riley, so Ben surprises Riley with a day off and a hike in the woods."
"Ben gets jealous when he learns that Bonnie is sending Danny on a cruise to celebrate becoming a dad, so he and Danny hold a Wheeler War to see who deserves the trip more."
"Danny and Riley go on their babymoon cruise, but Bonnie decides to tag along after Danny reveals that he hopes he and Riley will elope."
"Riley wants to move because of apartment size so Danny tries to make it better with disastrous results. Tucker wants his old girlfriend Sondra back who's newly single but sends Ben in to be her rebound guy."
"Danny and Ben are eager to find out the sex of the baby, even though Riley would prefer it to be a surprise."
"Ben begins to feel like an insufficient parent when Emma's upcoming Mother-Daughter Talent Show leads Emma to ask questions about why she doesn't have a mother."
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