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Bondi Rescue

Bondi Rescue follows the the world famous Bondi Lifesavers through their days on the busiest and most famous beach in the world: Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. These lifesavers are the blue topped lifesavers (paid). This elite squad has to deal...

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Season 9 - Bondi Rescue
"The lifeguards are used to handle lost kids and everybody usually forgets about the ban n animals, but now Harries finds a bothersome stray dog quite testing. Maxi, Beardy and Dunstan concentrate on making best use of security cameras to handle theft suspects and Deano's boys call the police also when complaints report a 'peeping Tom playing with himself on the beach'."
"As every year, lifeguards had to secure a sought-after place in the Bondi team trough rigid tests, even the professionals. Two extremely athletic newcomers join the crew, Afrile Young (nicknamed 'Bacon' because he physically resembles Hollywood star Kevin) and Troy 'Gonzo' Quinlan. Corey needs to provide extra psychological support to the last, who soon faces the traumatic experience of a missing man who, despite braving sharks, is only found as a drowned corpse."
"As if the lifeguards hadn't enough work with actual rescues, many swimmers ignore safety instructions, one even floats face-down and wears a life guard vest. Maxi handles most with kindness and charm, some barely respond to H's near-rude explicit style. Alas danger looms even on the beach, as for a skater boy aged ten whose fall causes a bad head wound."
"As life guards must train to stay in mint condition all season, it's no surprise the Bondi boys traditionally about all take part in an annual Iron Man charity event, where each has his benchmark, such as proving seniors aren't over the hill, that young dogs are ripe or simply win a rivalry. Novices Maxi and Bacon, who accepted a bet to participate in full clothing, are in the lead with ever-excellent Whippet, but old dog Hoppo keeps up commendably. Ready is satisfied to beat Chapman, a first, Beardy to escape last place and hence a year of latrine cleaning, Ben ..."
Season 10 - Bondi Rescue
"At the beginning of a new rescue summer season, the boys seriously consider the shocking experience, a first for Jake, earlier in winter, when a cocksure Japanese swimmer went out too far for help to reach him in time. The Bondi boys are sharper then ever to avoid a repeat the next weeks, and only avoid it last minute. Efforts are doubled to instill on thick-skulled and\/or allophone swimmers, especially unskilled tourists, the crucial message to stay safely within the red and yellow flags, yet many wonder off, sometimes idiotically and repeatedly, and must be rescued,..."
"Like each new rescue summer season, the boys must all pass grueling tests to be admitted to duty. Matt Dee misses the swimming pool maximum time by 9\", due to a holiday infection, but makes up brilliantly. The first time in five years, a female passes, an experienced surfer, but new to the job. Gonzo, stuck in the tower due to a serious surfboard-chest-injury, is annoying some mates by 'playing Hoppo' and subjected to a black-eyed prank. On an exceptionally hot and crowded day with high, hence dangerous waves, Hoppo agrees Gonzo must clear the central beach by shark ..."
"It's Christmas, but this year the Santa role falls to Reidy, who is generally felt, despite valiant efforts on the jet-ski, to be embarrassingly less credible or amusing then Yatesy. This season the boys have a recruit all the way from New Zealand, Harrison Reid, who greatly enjoys being Maxi's equally playful house-mate, exchanging goofy Christmas presents like a dictionary of Australian idiom, and soon proves himself as rescuer too."
"It's December 31, normally a calm day before the New Year's Eve merriment, but this year Bondi beach is flooded with beach-goers, hence badly understaffed. When another daredevil incurs bad barnacle cuts falling on Flat Rock, Chapman isn't inclined to free manpower, but luckily paramedic Quinn in on duty and sees that the victim, who loses lots of blood and nearly consciousness, is quickly treated and hospitalized."
"The year 2014 starts terribly busy, with many rescues and even a thefts wave without sufficient proof to arrest the suspect teenage gang. Yet the Bondi boys concentrate on positive sides, such as funny-looking rescues with victims positioned wrongly on the board in Taco's face, and eager rookie Harrison enjoys the endless learning opportunities, but for some injured swimmers it's a crucible."
"It's a rainy day, and as several Bondi boys recall, that invariably seems to spell oddities, in this a floating 'UFO' and, spotted by Harrison, a car which got put of control far into the beach after the senior driver had seizure. Taco is fearful of his upcoming rookie evaluation, hence eager to defend his title no rookie held before in the annual lifeguards challenge, but finishes 'only' fifth due to lack of tactics. Hoppo measures his promising talent, zeal and successes against failures and, worse, lack of maturity."
"Several Bondi boys elaborate on the extra motivation to rescue children, who are least predictable, panic faster and can't hold out as long as adults. For some, becoming fathers themselves boosted sympathy for pan-icing parents of missing brats, even in case of false alert, which nearly gave 'guilty' Yatesy a heart attack. One boy seems in danger of ending up in a wheelchair on his birthday, but thankfully the final diagnosis even allows resuming beach fun."
"Several Bondi boys elaborate on the differences between the sectors in the vast beach, and how working there differs and requires other skills. The rocky north is relatively deserted, as it's unfit for bathing and unpractical for swimming, yet has its own climbing adepts, which occasionally incur serious injuries, even their leader Dimitri who broke many bones at once. The central, safer sections of the beach are busiest, luckily mostly with harmless fun. The south corner looks tranquil, but is rendered dangerous by traitorous currents. Superior surfers Chapman and H ..."
"Sometimes even the well-trained Bondi boys shiver with patients in need of vital medical assistance. Thus a man aged 54 collapses on the beach with a condition climaxing in cardiac arrest. Whippet, Bacon, Chapman, Harrison, Reidy and others care for him and help the paramedics, who call upon a specialist team, with shock therapy and carry the immobilized patient to the mercifully rapid ambulance for successful surgery, as he comes gratefully explain afterward. Another man is in unbearable agony, barely softened by the green whistle, until a skilled paramedic can set ..."
"The senior Bondi boys enjoy training and testing juniors, especially trainees, who feel obliged to prove themselves by excessive zeal. Novice Harrison excels in it, on top of excellent performance overall. Harries, himself a manifold favorite prank victim, takes the lead in where Harrison is made to believe the beach-goers must be counted once a year, a time-consuming chore dumped on him and carried out spontaneously twice, too eager to remember his own sunscreen."
"Reidy is convinced to have spotted a dark shark while taking children on a charity jet-ski ride, leading to an alarm while Chapman and other Bondi boys are convinced it must be just a seal. Young Jake has the misfortune a second time to find a floating corpse, no violent death though. Max Ayshford and a colleague, already off duty, are just in time to rescue two drowning men. Handsome, somewhat vain Bishop's colleagues elaborate on his canning ability to keep his well-groomed hair dry even after a taxing rescue."
"The boys enjoy telling how diversely people react when rescued, some even enjoy the 'surf lift' as much as a roller-coaster ride. Hoppo agrees to let the team test for a month Reidy's alleged miracle cure, combining exercise and a strict diet, even imposes fancy push-up punishments for cheaters and decrees the looser must clean the toilets for a month. Gonzo wins, Maxi is caught feasting with Hoppo, who also looses least weight."
Season 11 - Bondi Rescue
"Bondi starts a new season with two newbies, Anthony Glick and Italian Mario Marfella, and a long-lost vet, Ryan Yerbury. It's a busy day, ideal to test the trainees who prove zeal and efficiency, while Ryan rather lays back to let them. Maxi and Ryan have a communication mix-up, leading to rescued ingrates complaining. A bull shark is sighted, so the beach must be cleared urgently while it's spotted by jet-ski and lured away by chasing the school of fish it was hunting."
"On a scorching hot summer day, Bondi is flooded with people out for fun, including a mooning students mates mob. Matt Dee's lazy luck runs out, he has to perform a record series of regular rescues. Paramedic instructor Norm Sid is luckily with the standby ambulance, for the boys have to handle three serious cases, including an aneurysm and a mysteriously rare disease even Norm never heard before, while shielding a Down syndrome Thai son from his squealing mother's condition."
"Youngest trainee Jethro James, a local with many surnames mostly regarding his long blind manes, shows impressive zeal and resourcefulness and is spared picking up a drowned fisherman, yet also amuses the shameless seniors by accidentally locking himself in a tower until unsuspecting Ready liberates him. Unfortunate English surfer stud Ollie shows great courage and an amusing sense of humor while on the green whistle and.morphine to have his dislocated shoulder set in the tower by a paramedic, with Jake eager to learn ."
"Harrison compassionately pincer-removes sea urchin spines from a brave boy's foot. South African stud trainee Glick still shivers when instructed by amused Kerrbox to check the shark nets for something heavy. Jethro is naively beaten by Glick during underwater endurance tests supervised by a surfing star during storm-generated high waves, Deano stars."
"Another Christmas Bondi-style: hot, crowded and crazy, with tipsy hordes rivaling 'trdaitional' carols against Hare Krishna chants. The boys in blue are flat-out rescuing drunks and drifters, so assistance from the public and the amateurs lifeguards in yellow and red is welcome, yet there's 'healthy rivalry', as some pros are happy to let them, others like Gonzo race to beat them to each victim. Matt Dee uses the chocolates donated by the public to sooth a feisty Indian four year old lost boy in the tower. The boys are relived when a storm chases the crowds and ..."
"A shark having been spotted, brave Maxi stars at the helm of the jet-ski while studly rookie Glick can't help shivering behind him, the alarm must be sounded until they have patrolled extensively and a helicopter only spots a small shark. Surfing star Jesse incurred serious injuries from a tiny wave early in season, so he's confined to he tower, Deano thinks of him when a Danish sect healer performs 'healing baptisms'. A dislocated thumb requires the green whistle in the tower, the foppish patient then is all over Jesse. The team spares no effort for a cardiac arrest ..."
"Harrison is part of the boys who handle the confusing case of a man with a dislocated artificial hip, whose pain tolerance k-collapses when he must be moved, a talkative mate and a studly third who faints suddenly. * Max helps alert foreigners who simply don't know or notice the warnings at dangerous rift zones. A Chinese teenager is reported missing and only found after a full-scale search with police helicopter was launched."
"Even Dean can't get trough to no-English-speakers like Sri Lankans who keep swimming in dangerous zones and enjoy their rescue as if a first surf lesson. Harrison despairs when a Chinese boy gets no supervision and returns to the rift minutes after his rescue. When Matt tells an Asian adolescent to delete his father's illicit beach pictures, the inadvertent \"model's\" boyfriend nearly attacks them."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"A schoolboy-invented rescue drone is tested by Harries in a race against Reaidy on surfboard and Deano on jet-ski. Jesse is amused by a struggling 'wakeboard wrestler' who fails even to mount his surf board, then stars in the search for a missing boy of six. Cocky knaves macho-mischief needs only firm lecturing."
"Another shark was caught in the nets, which alas also kill wildlife. Ready plays the shark in a simulation to test a sonar-based buoy system to recognize marine species, which works impressively well. Yates impresses even the seniors with two consecutive H-style rescues in the raging surf towards the rocky cliff coast. Norm is needed again after the boys win enough time for a sunbathing senior having a cardiac crisis on the beach."
"Matt and others watch worried how former surf-pro Nicola keeps struggling to rescue a man from the strong surf near the rocks, Troy 'Gonzo' and local bystanders must save the day. Just cleared medically for duty again, Jesse partakes with Maxi, Deano and Hoppo in a swimming race in shark-infested waters the Bondi boys came second in last year. Despite Jesse falling a bit shark and a shark being spotted, Maxi"
"Glick and Jethro do a last test before their trainee year evaluation decides who may stay. Glick impresses easily, Jethro nearly fails due to a thumb injury but soldiers on, Hoppo congratulates both. Normlly unshakable Hoppo gets nervous for once when he hosts the whole gang at his wedding at a nearby wine estate. After a record long service, oldest-ever Bondi boy H retires at 45, the gang prepared a Hawaian festive send-off with competition, princely triumph, parody and award."
Season 12 - Bondi Rescue
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Glick is eager to spill his advice to strolling-by Austraian PM Malcolm Turnbull as well as an eager-to-learn Bondi recruit. Stormy weather almost clears the beach, but even during a typhoon some tough surfers risk it, even foppish swimmers, so they have to be rescued. At one point, Jesse can only leave the tower by calling Hoppo to jump in while working in the nearby HQ office. A musical tourist intrigues the tower gang by dancing near the sea during the storm, so Jethro goes check up, joins in and brings him to the tower, where he rises to a rapping dare."
"Christmastime is extremely busy, yet staff only eight, so people ignoring warnings to stay safely away from the rift can really annoy the Bondi team. Maxi gets a buddy to pose Bondu rescue calendar photographer to play a hazing prank on kid cousin Ryan, who proves a good sport and cute model. While Harrison and Jesse tend to a cardiac case, a drowning alert causes rescue services to mass, luckily without an actual corpse."
"Knaves often cockily enjoy diving at Backpackers rock, but it's Always slippery and in heavy sea one is easily caught by the current and painfully smashed into the spike-sharp barnacles. In summer, the last shift normally leaves at seven, but now a Turk is reported missing, only to be found on dry beach later. However thus the boys were still around to notice and rescue a swimmer in fatal danger. Locals and accidental heroes in the water often try ti help swimmers in need, but this is another instance that could have proven fatal for one of them without the pros ..."
"The Bondi Boys get a surprise visit from Australia's leading male exotic dance show Manpower, but shrimp-size Jethro declines 'prospecting', so they delegate a bald member to 'recruit' Kerrbox. Even helped by volunteer auxiliary, the Bondi boys shift is overstretched when many swimmers are in trouble. In the haste, Trent 'Singlets' feels guilty having killed a seagull colliding with his buggy, so Jethro helps him give it a beach funeral. A weird aloof local jogger in trademark white briefs has a seizure requiring restraint, yet proves remarkably grateful afterward."
"On New Ears day, Bondi is more overcrowded then ever. First it's mainly revelers who come cool down, party on or sleep off booze on the beach. Dozing off in the rising sun is dangerous, so the boys must check up and have some removed into the shade. Even helped by volunteer auxiliary and surfers, the Bondi boys are utterly overstretched with so many swimmers in trouble. They fear for mass drowning when a record number of Dutch turn u for the new Year dive, but those orange cap bearers all return safely. In the end, Hoppo tries to clear the beach after shift by shark ..."
"A small shift is flat-out rescuing swimmers who keep getting into trouble in the rifts, so one must decide who to pick up first and when to send in reinforcements. Sometimes people would drown without a volunteer on the spot, sometimes the hero would drown himself without the Bndi boys, like an Indian-born local father of two sons. The busy mates find some people grateful for rescues and even enjoying the very ride-back on their surfboards, yet Ryan is a bit embarrassed when toppled by a wave."
"On a rainy day, people still go swim despite the dangers. A toppled fishing boat was spotted from the cliff. Maxi lifts on the bumpy jet-ski tail piloted by Quiggers for a difficult search and rescue. Jake duly scolds Chinese tourists who keep swimming in the rift even after he could barely rescue Chow, who is equally ignored and even joins them shortly after. Jethro bites his flu symptoms and pulls off an exhausting rescue, but collapses o the base immediately after. The surfing Bondi Boys are puzzled by the Peruvian board, consisting merely of bound reed used to ..."
"A small shift is flat-out rescuing swimmers ad treating painfully stung victims of bluebottle jellyfish, brought in by the rift's stream, Luke even has to remove one bu hand, hence by stung. While Maxi prepares a badly unconscious woman for an ambulance, Jesse must coordinate rescues and the search for a teen boy who remains missing nearly four hours. Some rescues on the special broad surf boards are complicated by the victim's excessive weight, one Indian can't even climb onto the jet-ski. The surfers on the team enjoy a visit from Brazil's blind surfer who even ..."
"A nice knave broke his wrist on the skateboard ramp, but proves another happy green whistle-customer. Jesse must dash off without equipment back all across the beach fro an urgent rescue, as Reedy feared once more resulting from people unable to read to notices in English. A charity bagpiper lends the Scottish instrument to unpromising novice Harries. A stealing junkie is citizen-arrested by Maxi and a mate, but released as the loot isn't claimed. Even video students recording themselves one-handed like many tourists in Bondi waters don't properly notice the rift, yet..."
"Maxi has decided after ten funny, productive years in Bondi waters to start another rescue career, as Sydney firefighter. Luckily for him, he can start small putting down a fire in a storage on Bondi beach. Tireless Harrison not only has to contend with the common problems of rift and rescue as such but also finds two consecutive patients insisting to enjoy the ride back aboard his board lying on their backs, looking up and at him. After reminiscing Maxi's career, with great 'initiation' pranks during his record three year training, it's time for a sendoff party."
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