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Catfish: The TV Show - Season 4 Episode 8

After meeting on an LGBT site four years ago, a couple has yet to even engage in a video chat.

Episode: 8/20 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 7.2

Season 4 - Catfish: The TV Show
"Single mom Miracle falls for Javonni, a dreamy-eyed Instagram user."
"After a girl cuts ties with an Internet beau, he refuses to give up trying to get her back."
"A guy finds his match in the same neighborhood, but never meets her."
"After helping with troubles at home, a man refuses to speak to his love interest on the phone."
"A woman searches for answers when her relationship ends unexpectedly."
"A single father wants to settle down with his online love, but they have not met."
"After Stephanie's parents' divorce, she began to question whether she could ever trust a man in a relationship. But then she met David online and immediately developed a deep bond with him."
"After meeting on an LGBT site four years ago, a couple has yet to even engage in a video chat."
"After falling for a fellow Texan online, a man will do anything to meet his love."
"Even though a young woman faced heartache from an instagram lover, she is still eager to meet."
"Rather than plan for college, a young man wants to move to California to support his online love."
"Max hits the road to catch up with some of his favorite hopefuls and catfish from the first two seasons. Have the hopefuls found true love? Are the catfish still catfishing? Max won't come home until he's gotten the answers."
"A young woman moves across the country to be with her Internet love, but he is being elusive."
"After her name and pictures were stolen, nearly ruining her life, a young woman is haunted."
"While launching his comeback, a rapper connects with someone online, and now is ready to settle down."
"Thaddius sought refuge from his struggling marriage through an online relationship with Sara. But, when Sara starts telling strange tales of seizures and kidnappings, Thaddius starts to question her true identity."
"David is the only love Andria has ever known. His passionate love letters and voice messages have a way of making Andria stay. But having never met after 10 years, Andria needs to know what David is hiding that keeps him away."
"Hundra never planned on falling in love with a girl and now she is risking coming out on national TV to learn if her love with Emily is for real. Special guest Machine Gun Kelly teams with Nev to reveal a shocking Catfish."
"For shy Devan, meeting Rylan was love at first click. Devan wants to believe that Rylan is marriage material but, her suspicious behavior is leaving him with doubts. Special guest Todrick Hall helps Nev uncover the truth."
"When Brittany, a single mom, finds love online with Bryon, a marine who may get deployed again to Iraq, she seeks Nev and Max's help before she runs out of time to discover if her seemingly perfect military man is real."
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