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Cesar 911

On “Cesar 911,” the world’s most loved dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, rescues neighborhoods terrorized by badly misbehaving pooches. Each week, Cesar is called in by whistleblowers who tell on the four-legged thugs who scare neighbors, clients,...

Duration:42 mins

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Season 1 - Cesar 911
"Brad blows the whistle on his sister's Shiba Inu mix, Auggie, who attacks his dog at family outings. Cesar points out that their nervous energy leads to aggression in their dogs. Can he arm these siblings with the skills to end this canine rivalry?"
"Lori Jo and Patti are fed up with their boss's three unruly Bichon Frises who constantly disrupt business by barking incessantly, knocking over trash cans and even honking the delivery truck's horn."
"Josh needs Cesar's help with his neighbors Lilly and Nadav, who have no control over their aggressive boxers. These dogs terrorize their neighborhood and have attacked more than 15 other dogs. Cesar must work quickly before thes boxers go too far."
"College football coach Steven has recruited Cesar to help tackle a major problem: One of his star football players is risking his future for his aggressive Rottweiler who has attacked two dogs in the neighborhood."
"Cesar is called to rehabilitate a dangerous Pit Bull that is threatening his owners' relationship. Later, Cesar helps a cancer survivor to keep her Italian Mastiff mix from fighting other dogs before she is kicked out of her beloved dog park."
"Cesar helps two owners tame their Bulldog mix that attacks the neighborhood dogs, including their own Spaniel. Later, Cesar is called by a couple who needs help saving their Pit Bull mix from being put down after brutally attacking their neighbor."
Season 2 - Cesar 911
"Jim and Joy McKendricks are on the verge of divorce over their American Bulldog, Gunny. When he turned 2, Gunny became a terror and now attacks anything that moves. Gunny has attacked the couple's toddler, Dorian, 3 times and sent him to the hospital. Jim demands that they get rid of Gunny or put him down. But Joy refuses. She believes Gunny can be rehabilitated with Cesar's help."
"Cesar takes on an aggressive German shepherd whose owner has been banned from his own family functions and a couple whose toy dogs could get them evicted from their pet-friendly apartment complex."
"Cesar takes on a veterinarian, whose own pit bull is harassing her clients and a Bel Air couple, whose posh poodles are stunting their social life."
"Cesar helps a mother, whose Wire Fox Terrier is amplifying her kids' anxiety, and a couple, whose Blue Heeler can't escape his killer instinct."
"Cesar struggles to save a vicious German Shepherd from being put down and a loud, excitable Miniature Schnauzer from being kicked out of day care."
"Cesar struggles to train two aggressive St. Bernards that their owner can't control, and a poodle that is ruining a 20-year friendship."
"Cesar fights to save a ferocious Pit Bull from attacking other dogs and a troublesome terrier from instigating attacks on himself!"
"Cesar takes on an aggressive Weimaraner who bit a neighbor and her dog, and is close to being taken away by Animal Control and put down."
Season 3 - Cesar 911
"Cesar helps legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld get better control of his two dachshunds, and an entire dog-loving community to welcome a troubled terrier mix into the fold."
"Whistleblowers alert Cesar to an aggressive French bulldog\/terrier mix, Simon, who attacks other dogs and animals. Simon's owner fosters other dogs and needs Cesar's help. And when a husband finds himself under attack by his wife's Tibetan terrier, Schnoopy, Cesar must help the couple rebalance their energy in order to enjoy dog ownership and their marriage."
"Cesar helps a family with a pug who is attacking both them and their other dogs, and a ranch family who's rottweiler mix is killing their livestock."
"Cesar comes to the aid of two dog owners whose aggressive pooches have alienated them from their closest friends at their local dog parks."
"Cesar meets pit bull mix Ivy, an escape artist who gets out of harnesses and jumps over the double walls of their house when triggered by loud noises."
"Cesar meets a golden retriever, Captain, who\ufffd\u06eas ruining his owner\ufffd\u06eas retirement, and works with a couple who can\ufffd\u06eat manage their Terrier mix, Roxy."
"Cesar receives a call from two women who are concerned that their friend can\u00c3\u00a2\u20ac\u00c3\u00b4t control her adopted Golden Retriever-Chow mix Leon. Cesar can tell that Leon\u00c3\u00a2\u20ac\u00c3\u00b4s owner is contributing to his anxiety and aggression, so he arranges to work with Leon at the Dog Psychology Center. Cesar begins a step-by-step rehabilitation of Leon, and teaches the owner how to be a pack leader."
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