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A standup comic discovers that his wife is unfaithful, leading him to reevaluate his life amidst the New York City comedy scene.

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Crashing
"An aspiring comic finds himself without a home after he catches his wife in a compromising position; Pete attempts to find solace at a New York comedy club, where he befriends cynical comedy legend Artie Lange."
"Pete wallows in his new reality; Artie offers to let Pete be his opening act in exchange for a ride to Albany; Pete meets co-headliner T.J. Miller and attempts to save Artie from breaking his sobriety."
"While staying at T.J. Miller's place, Pete witnesses a comic who is unable to \"turn it off''; Pete and T.J. travel upstate for his wife's yard sale; Pete unexpectedly teams up with Leif to get back a prized possession; Jess voices her true feelings."
"In an effort to get stage time, Pete spends the night handing out fliers for a comedy club; while on the streets of New York, Pete encounters disinterested locals, befriends up-and-coming comics, engages in a turf war and gets a pep talk."
"When Pete's parents decide to come to New York for his mother's birthday, Pete begs Jess to come along and keep up the charade of their marriage; Pete faces a turning point."
"HD. 'Warm-Up.' (Season One) Pete is invited to stay with Sarah Silverman, who encourages him to try life as a 'warm up' comic."
"HD. 'Julie.' (Season One) Pete finds himself caught in a web of lies after receiving an unexpected call from Leif's wife."
"The relationship of Pete, Jess and Leif come to a head at the baptism ceremony of an adult friend of Pete and Jess. In a subplot, Pete's friend Artie might also be shown a new way to look at life."
Season 2 - Crashing
"[HBO] HD. 'The Atheist.' Season Two Premiere. A chance encounter with Penn Jillette rocks Pete's world and leads to a wild night."
"[HBO] HD. 'Pete and Leif.' (Season Two) Pete spends the day with Leif while continuing to grapple with his beliefs."
"[HBO] HD. 'Bill Burr.' (Season Two) Pete is encouraged to embrace his masculine side while crashing in comedian Bill Burr's guestroom."
"[HBO] HD. 'Porter Got HBO.' (Season Two) Pete confronts his jealousy when another comic gets a big break."
"Pete meets with Ali Riessen again and hangs out with her in different comedy clubs, an alternative scene."
"Pete organizes a benefit for a friend comedian, who's struggling."
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"[HBO] HD. 'Roast Battle.' Season Two Finale. Pete struggles to be mean during a comedy-roast battle."
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