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Royal Pains

ROYAL PAINS centers on a young E.R. doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient's death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes the reluctant "doctor for hire" to the rich and famous. When the attractive administrator of the local hospital...

Duration:42 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Royal Pains
"When he is blamed for the death of a hospital trustee, Dr. Hank Lawson is blacklisted by the medical community and dumped by his fianc\u00c3\u00a9e. His brother, Evan, convinces Hank to come with him to a party in the Hamptons, where Hank discovers a new career opportunity."
"Evan dates a retiring ballerina with a hidden disorder, while Hank crosses the line in advising Tucker's father."
"The son of a senator turns ill and his mother doesn't want him sent to a proper hospital for privacy reasons. Meanwhile, Evan attempts to recruit more clients."
"Hank and Divya perform TB tests on the staff of a restaurant. Later, its boss suffers a stroke while another employee's test comes out positive."
"A pregnant woman wants Hank to stay on her family's private island to deliver her baby. Meanwhile, Jill tries to call Hank, but is unable to as the island has no coverage."
"Hank quarantines the attendants of a bark mitzvah party held by Ms. Newberg when symptoms of some disease appear."
"A Venezuelan couple exemplifies what Divya and Rajan's relationship lacks. Katie's (Jill's friend's) visit sheds light upon a troubling detail with Boris."
"Jill believes Hank stole her heart patient, while Divya deals with Evan's interfering presence on a call to a newlywed suffering a possible STD."
"At a horse show, Hank meets an Olympic hopeful suffering jamais vu, Evan protects Divya's honor while lying to her parents, and a man from Jill's past returns."
"Tucker asks Hank to intervene on his dad's recreational drug dependency, and Divya challenges Evan to be just a friend to a woman - any woman."
"While Hank thinks that he has gone all the way to New York to help save Boris, it turns out Hank may need a little saving himself. Boris reveals that the Gardners are pressuring the state licensing board to revoke Hank's credentials. Hank wants to handle the matter on his own but Boris isn't about to butt out of Hank's business, just like Hank hasn't let the issue of Boris's mysterious illness go. Boris puts his cadre of lawyers on the case despite Hank's wishes because he has a vested interest in Hank keeping his medical license. Boris wants Hank to help him with his..."
"The owner of the manor at which Divya is to get married at is treated by Hank for her strange, nightly hallucinations."
Season 2 - Royal Pains
"Hank and Divya treat the heir of a famous inventor whose desire to distance himself from his father puts him in harm's way. Meanwhile, Jill's job at Hamptons Heritage is threatened when her mentor starts proceedings to have her fired."
"After having her heart broken, Newberg's stepdaughter lands in the hospital with a condition directly related to her relationship woes. Divya attempts to bring romance into her relationship with Raj."
"When the star of a popular film franchise collapses, Hank discovers his patient's illness is caused by the very thing that's made him famous. Meanwhile, Eddie surprises Hank and Evan with the news he's staying in the Hamptons."
"Boris flies Hank to another country, where he and another doctor research potentially life saving gene therapies. Back in the Hamptons, Hank's temporary replacement, Dr. Emily Peck, rubs Divya the wrong way."
"Hank can't leave Cuba immediately as he lost Evan, who was abducted by locals mistaking him for the doctor, whom they need to save an old opposition publicist the authorities believe deceased. Hank accepts to saves him after his hand got caught in a harvester, which requires hospital equipment and hence Boris's and ultimately Dr. Marissa Caseras's help. Evan learns more about scams but reacts most generously. Back home, Divya has been on cold war terms with temp Dr. Emily Peck, who alas already learned to appreciate a Hamptons concierge doctor's job too much."
"Tucker gets Hank to check his best mate from college, Oliver Ambrose, who has an accident with his forklift for unclear medical reasons, on the day he's to launch his winery's new range. Just now Evan sort of gives up reconciling hank with their father, a picture Eddie gives him from their happy boyhood recalls memories with layered effects. Oliver's wine taster Kim asks Evan, a natural, to fill in for her as she fears relapsing in a pallet-disabling condition."
"Hank helps out a food truck owner who is displaying strange, antisocial behavior, while Evan is a \"faux beau\" for a young woman who doesn't want her parents to know she's dating a much older photographer."
"Jill and Divya go out clubbing in Manhattan, while the Lawsons give Raj a last-minute bachelor party. The next morning, both groups of people try to figure out what exactly happened the night before."
"Evan gets roped into a hunting trip while playing \"faux beau\" again to impress Paige's parents, while Hank discovers that his new young patient's mother is a familiar face from Hamptons Heritage."
"Midwest backwater truck-driver Roy fears he and wife Ginnie are cursed since they won the lottery and bought a Hamptons estate. Each gets a weird medical condition just when they prepare a renewal of their marriage vows. Hank's initial diagnosis and therapy only works for her. Paige confirms Evan's fear: none of the snob neighbors can be expected to follow up on the invitations, yet surprises him despite being asked for a date rain-check so he can plan Roy's finances as a gift. Socialite heir Adam Pierce, a documentary maker who donated his kidney to substitute mother..."
"Tensions grows between Hank and Emily when they care for a patient together but disagree on the course of treatment. Evan concocts a cyber retaliation plan against Emily, who has managed to direct web traffic to her site."
"Eddie is moving in with Mrs? Newberg finally gets the benefit of the doubt from Hank, who is puzzled and ethically challenged by elusive patient AJ. Evan convinces Hank to help plead his investment cause and proudly dresses up when they're all invited to an evening meal at Boris's, but after flying in lover Marissa, rescued from Cuban prison, he has an awkward surprise for the Lawsons. Hunky patient Adam Pierce insists to remain in Divya's care. After treatment, they kiss, despite her impending wedding."
"A 3-day charity golf tournament to raise funds for the hospital provides multiple opportunities for the HankMed team to provide medical care. Pro golfer Jack O'Malley (Tom Cavanagh) suffers from Dupuytren's Contracture. Jill falls from a cart, with unexpected results. Evan learns more about Eddie, who is recuperating from his heart attack in Episode 2.12. Divya frets over her encounter with Adam."
"Coincidentally at the right place to save reality show Share House star Kyle from drowning, Hank is soon asked by producer Tony Lee to star in a medical reality show, an idea which greatly appeals to Evan. While Hank examines a mysterious epidemic among the reality candidates, Evan compromises Paige's trust by extending her invitation to bring a guest to her exclusive country club to the whole cast and crew. Boris can't get Hank to break medical confidentiality for Marissa, who is hiding carrying his, probably genetically-impaired, child."
"Evan estimated his chances of winning Paige back feeble, as the General is against such an unfocused young man, but is soon forgiven. After being accidentally locked in an adjoining hall and misunderstanding a seemingly conspiratorial secret meeting of the General's, he even wins the General's respect by mediating a row over a heritage Candle House with the neighbors whose daughter Natalie is Hank's patient, and by his handling of the the press. Adam is in serious kidney trouble, but he and Hank refuse to let Divya help him in anyway after she broke up their physical ..."
"When a Nor'easter hits the Hamptons, Hank saves the life of a park ranger who wants to recapture the odd side-effects he experienced after being struck by lightning."
"Evan and Paige prove the perfect guests at Divya's engagement party, but her father's crisis-motivated expectations on groom Raj compromise the bride's resolve to go through with her London wedding, mainly a show for business relations. Jess Walsh, whose boyfriend Hank couldn't save from cardiac arrest while they worked on Wall Street, has started a pilot training school in the Hamptons for a quiet life, but calls him as unprecedented stress seems to be killing her worse than ever. Boris is displeased with Marissa's pregnancy, Hank's silence and the very idea not to ..."
"Hank believes his patient has been previously misdiagnosed and is determined to find out what he really has. Meanwhile, Divya and Raj prepare for their upcoming nuptials by taking dance lessons, but wind up as patients."
Season 3 - Royal Pains
"As another summer begins, Boris is forced to turn back to Hank for assistance with his unborn child, Jill returns with big news for Hank, Divya tries to reconcile with her parents, and Evan wonders when his girlfriend is coming home."
"Ken \"Killer\" Keller hosts a charity football tournament on his estate and invites Hank to play along. The contest gets fierce as Keller gets injured and Hank must put his competitive nature aside to treat him."
"A new housekeeping business owner is having problems with an unexplained rash, a manners author with a hurt shoulder has problems with a neighbor and his dog, and Hank and Evan are late to discover that their dad is up for parole."
"Hank and Evan get plenty of surprises as they go to Florida for their dad's parole hearing, while also dealing with their dad's hacker friend who is having strange visions. Back in the Hamptons, Divya delivers Marisa and Boris' baby."
"Hank and Evan meet their grandfather for the first time as they search for their dad's friend, while Jill recovers from her injuries from her car wreck."
"Evan seeks Paige's father's permission to get married, Hank helps an old patient's mom who has blood clotting problems, Divya's ex fianc\u00c3\u00a9 comes with bad news, and Jill begins to recall details about the crash."
"Hank helps a magician who is struggling with anxiety, Evan tries to hit up Matt Lauer for some free publicity for HankMed, and Divya gets in trouble at her second job."
"Hank helps a professional runner with anemia-like symptoms, tension rises in Evan and Paige's relationship after an art show, and Boris keeps getting sicker and suspects that his son is in danger."
"Hank helps a nanny who is having serious fainting spells, and makes a professional decision about Paige's family that compromises his relationship with Evan. Meanwhile, Divya goes out on her first date since canceling her wedding."
"Hank helps an art collector who is having seizures, and recommends a new procedure for Paige's mom. Meanwhile, an overworked Divya makes a life-threatening mistake at the hospital."
"Divya owns up to her mistake, but discovers that it will get back to Hank. Meanwhile, Evan stands up to Paige's dad and loses his blessing to get married, and Hank helps a party planner who appears to be having a panic attack."
"Hank diagnoses Jack with Lupus, Evan breaks out into hives and he thinks it's because of his engagement, and Hank and Divya clash as they diagnose a band whose members all have similar leg weaknesses."
"When a back problem limits Hank's ability to treat patients, Evan hires Dr. Van Dyke as a temporary replacement. Guest Stars: Tom Cavanagh, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Christine Ebersole, Kyle Howard."
"Jack dumps Hank as his doctor and blows off his medical treatment, Hank helps a Shakespearean actor with stomach pains, Divya uses Dr. Van Dyke to impress her ex, and Paige contemplates an opportunity to go away to England for eight weeks."
"Hank tries again to reach out to Jack, who is blowing off his Lupus treatment, one of Boris' relatives pays a surprise and unwanted visit, and Evan has a plan to help Divya get rid of her debt."
"Hank struggles with the death of a friend. Meanwhile, Evan teams with Boris's cousin, Claudette, on an experimental product that may help a patient."
Season 4 - Royal Pains
"Divya tries to get Hank and Evan to reconcile and not split up HankMed, but is it too late? Meanwhile, Hank and Divya help a pair of competitive eaters, one of whom is Jill's brother."
"When Jill's nephew gets in trouble at chess camp, Hank thinks there may be a hidden medical condition causing it. Divya tries to reconcile her splintered family, and Evan meets a young heiress."
"Jill has a farewell party. Divya tries to reunite Hank and Evan, who are now competing for clients. A series of illnesses may be related."
"Hank and Evan's father returns to the Hamptons to bring the family back together. Divya reconnects with her mother. Evan meets a brilliant scientist with a checkered past while Hank treats a pair of young fund-raisers."
"Evan has difficulty managing HankMed. Hank treats a matchmaker who wants to set up both Divya and him. Boris takes steps to protect his family, and Paige's party gets out of control."
"Hank treats a woman with memory problems. Paige helps Evan land some new business, and Boris offers Hank a new job."
"While treating a Russian businessman, Hank becomes attracted to his interpreter, Evan and Dr. Sacani treat a man who falls sick after going into space, and Divya tries to reconcile with her father."
"Evan and Paige comfort a close friend experiencing a painful loss. Hank and Divya treat an overweight veterinarian who is in the middle of a divorce, and a person attending a secret meeting at Boris' mansion falls ill."
"Hank comes to the assistance of an undercover DEA agent at an exotic car show who believes she is being poisoned."
"Hank has difficulty convincing an ill polo player to give up the sport. Evan panics over his father meeting Paige's family, and Divya tries dating again."
"Evan helps Paige prepare for art school. Hank is interested in a pediatrician. A pop star calls on the services of HankMed prior to her tour."
"Divya's new boyfriend asks Dr. Sacani for help. Evan helps Paige deal with a family problem. Hank treats an uptight student and her novelist mother, who have both fallen ill."
"Paige must deal with her birth mother's arrival in the Hamptons. Hank and Boris must travel the globe to take care of Dmitry"
"Divya's fling with Rafa takes an unexpected turn. Hank reassesses his life while treating a volleyball player with unusual symptoms."
"It's the holidays in the Hamptons! But an impending blizzard may derail Evan and Paige's wedding plans. Also, someone takes a big gamble on the future and a face from Hank's past triggers memories for Hank and Evan."
"Hank must confront his own medical condition while treating the girlfriend of a HankMed regular. Hank and Evan's cousin arrives with a secret."
Season 5 - Royal Pains
"Hank returns to work and helps a woman who might be getting sickened by her job as a fund-raiser. Dr. Sacani helps pick up the slack at HankMed, and Divya receives some shocking news."
"Evan and Paige have to deal with a cantankerous neighbor. Hank treats a police officer with a rebellious daughter. Divya tries to adjust to the major changes in her life."
"Divya and Jeremiah head to Savannah to evaluate the hospital while Hank makes a shocking discovery about Boris' death. Evan's plans to overturn HankMed's cease-and-desist order does not go well."
"Divya tells Hank and Evan she's pregnant. Jeremiah treats a shock jock while a doggy daycare owner needs HankMed's help."
"Divya treats a young conductor whose obsession with music may be harming his health, and Hank gets more involved in the lives of Don and Molly. Evan's political aspirations continue to hit roadblocks."
"Divya's work with a her neighbor's aliment hits close to home, and one of Evan's rivals has an accident. Hank treats the owner of a diet drink empire."
"HankMed's patients include a spin instructor and a candymaker. Killer Keller's negotiating tactics get under Hank's skin, and Evan is upset at a major purchase Paige made."
"Divya treats a vibrant elderly couple who make her rethink her lifestyle. Hank, Evan, and Paige get heavily involved in an auction at Shadow Pond."
"A florist who is having vivid dreams seeks help. Hank disagrees with Dr. Sacani's treatment of him. Divya suspects the deck is stacked against Evan at a political debate."
"Divya travels to Italy to tell her mother the big news and Evan tags along, much to the frustration of Paige. Hank tries to find Molly after she disappears."
"Evan brings in his father to help stage an intervention for Hank, who conflicts with another doctor over his treatment of Don. Divya finds out a shocking secret about Jeremiah."
"Shelby grills Jeremiah on Hank's use of painkillers. Evan's and Paige's personal life gets dragged through the mud as the campaign continues. An adventurous journalist refuses to let a medical diagnosis get in her way."
"In the fifth season finale, Hank treats a paleontologist while reassessing his role with HankMed. The political spotlight threatens to tear apart Evan and Paige."
Season 6 - Royal Pains
"Hank temporarily returns to The Hamptons to attend a ceremony for Divya and her new baby, and helps a musician who may have a grave illness. Meanwhile, a mysterious young woman has also crashed the party."
"The Lawsons discover that they have a sister, but something is off about her. Meanwhile, Hank helps out a tennis pro, and Jeremiah copes with life with Divya and her baby."
"Evan tries to mend fences for Eddie and Emma, Divya finds the perfect nanny but is suffering from separation anxiety, and Hank helps a private investigator while she is on the job."
"Boris sends Hank on a dangerous mission in Monte Carlo, Emma's presence puts stress on Evan and Paige's marriage, and Divya and Jeremiah try to solve a mystery illness for a team of firefighters."
"Evan's effort at a publicity stunt backfires, a new patient may be a mobster, Paige's career may be in jeopardy, and new hospital management may be trying to run HankMed out of business."
"Hank talks to Emma about her future, while a restaurant's new chef exhibits unusual behavior. Divya treats a NASCAR crew chief who is having anxiety issues."
"Jeremiah becomes interested in the roommate of one of his patients. Emma feeds gossip to an online site. Hank and Divya treat a house-sitter."
"An old flame visits Hank while seeking medical advice, Divya bonds with a patient trying to get pregnant, Emma is invited to an upscale birthday party, Jeremiah has a date with Viviana, and Paige wants to confront Russell about the rug."
"The team sees two new clients as Hank Lab opens, Cinco hurts Emma's feelings, Evan discovers that he is an \"old fart,\" Hank helps Charlotte get ready for her procedure, and Divya unnecessarily meddles in Jeremiah's relationship."
"Divya and Sachi go with Hank and Boris to Argentina to visit Sachi's grandmother. Evan is angry over a compromising photo of Hank. Jeremiah tries to patch things up with Viviana. Paige helps Ray decorate and helps Russell make amends."
"Evan tries to distance HankMed from Ray while dealing with Emma's role in impugning Hank. Divya must find a way to return Sashi home and work with Jeremiah as they treat a model in frail health."
"Evan and Paige help Emma go after Oz while Hank is left to treat Cinco. Divya and Jeremiah treat a boat builder, and Charlotte acclimates herself to life after surgery."
"Hank and Evan search for Emma, while Divya must fight to keep Sashi. Paige discovers shocking news about her therapist, Jeremiah decides to make a few changes, and Boris has new concerns about his condition."
Season 7 - Royal Pains
"HankMed turns a new page after Boris buys Hamptons Heritage. Hank loses Charlotte and takes on the case of TV host who is hosting a party at the Newberg house. Evan and Paige discover that they may be having a baby."
"Hank treats a triathlon patient who also gives him some dating advice. Even is worried that he may already be a father. Jeremiah helps clear Divya's name, but her arrest video goes viral."
"An intense Hollywood method actor wants to shadow Hank to prepare for his next role. Meanwhile, Divya performs a genetic test on a royal patient who doesn't want to play by the rules."
"Evan and Paige consider adopting a child. Hank treats a transgender teenager. Jeremiah is in over his head when an old acquaintance comes with a business offer. Prince Quami takes an interest in Divya."
"Evan thinks Boris doesn't trust him to do his job. Hank's date at the United Nations results in a big job offer. A third suitor for Divya arrives in the Hamptons. Paige is finally fed up with her lazy contractor."
"Boris is forced to share his secret plans with Evan. Divya deals with what appears to be a Smallpox outbreak. A patient sets Hank up on a double date. Jeremiah lays low after his big business mistake."
"Hank helps Boris prep a secret patient for surgery as Evan tries to chase a bad omen out of the hospital. An offer from Quami leads Divya to make a major decision about her personal life."
"Evan and Paige's surrogate daughter goes into labor, Hank runs into his ex-fianc\u00c3\u00a9e from New York and discovers unresolved issues with her, and Divya prepares for big life changes after her grandmother dies."
Season 8 - Royal Pains
"Eddie surprises the boys with sudden wedding plans. Hank helps out an overworked senatorial candidate and finds a possible romantic interest. Jeremiah returns but struggles with his first patient. Divya faces a dilemma with medical school."
"Evan could be in hot water after a hospital data breach. Jeremiah has an unexpected visit from his parents. Hank helps out a stuntwoman and has a much-anticipated first date. Boris turns to Hank for help with his son."
"Hank finds romance in Hong Kong while preventing the theft of Boris's medical records. Divya treats a repo man bent on taking back a yacht. Paige convinces Evan to rethink their parenting path."
"In the 100th episode, Hank works a shift in the ER for the first time in years. Jill makes a surprise visit to the Hamptons. Jeremiah bonds with a patient he secretly admires, and Divya worries for a patient."
"A visit to his old mentor and a serious diagnosis for agent Ken Keller cause Hank to rethink his future. Evan struggles to be more supportive as Paige tries to get pregnant. Jeremiah tries to shoot a video for Divya's baby shower."
"Hank meets a woman who fears she has an inherited disease. Eddie makes a medical decision without consulting Hank. Jeremiah learns that Boris went to clinical trials without his input."
"Hank helps a theater legend as she deals with confusion and memory loss at Eddie's wedding. He also reconciles Eddie and Evan before the ceremony. Paige & Evan await pregnancy test results."
"HankMed temporarily dissolves as each important player in the business is off to bigger and better things--except for Hank, who still has no idea what the future holds for him."
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