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Running Wild with Bear Grylls - Season 2 Episode 4

Ed Helms (Vacation - Wir sind die Griswolds (2015)) joins Bear in the mountains of Colorado, where Ed confronts his fear of heights and feasts on an unusual dinner.

Episode: 4/9 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.9

Season 2 - Running Wild with Bear Grylls
"RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS PREMIERES WITH OSCAR NOMINEE KATE HUDSON TACKLING THE SCENIC YET TREACHEROUS DOLOMITE MOUNTAINS OF ITALY - Famed adventurer, writer and television host Bear Grylls is back for a second season of Running Wild with Bear Grylls (2014). In the premiere episode, Bear takes Oscar nominee Kate Hudson (Glee (2009)) on an adventure she will not soon forget. Their 48-hour journey finds them in the midst of the Dolomites, one of the most treacherous mountain ranges in Italy. As they hike toward the Austrian border on snow-covered exposed rock cliffs, they make some historical discoveries and work together to survive ..."
"High above the Italian Alps, Emmy-nominated actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Bear Grylls for a 48-hour adventure of a lifetime. As the two negotiate the Croda Dei Toni, a snowy peak referred to as the \"Mountain of Thunders\", they will make a 6,000 foot descent along steep sheer cliffs and sharp ridges, build a snow cave for shelter and eventually rappel a frozen waterfall to their extraction point. Along the way, Ferguson shares some personal insight about his sudden rise to fame with Modern Family (2009), his fight for marriage equality and the challenges he faced growing up."
"Kate Winslet and Bear tackle Wales' Snowdonia Mountains, as she discusses her upbringing and career. Later, they set up camp in windy conditions and swim in an icy ocean."
"Ed Helms (Vacation - Wir sind die Griswolds (2015)) joins Bear in the mountains of Colorado, where Ed confronts his fear of heights and feasts on an unusual dinner."
"Michelle Rodriguez and Bear head into the Nevada desert, where they free-fall skydive and scale a huge peak. Later, they find a creative way to remain hydrated, as their water supply diminishes."
"James Marsden joins Bear in Utah's Rattlesnake Canyon, where they repel down canyon walls and dine on a chuckwalla lizard."
"Michael B. Jordan joins Bear in Wales, where they start their journey by dropping in the ocean."
"In the second-season finale, Drew Brees joins Bear for a journey into a jungle in Panama, where they encounter bats in a cave, descend into a remote cavern and wrestle a crocodile."
"President Barack Obama joins Bear Grylls for a special trek across the Alaskan wilderness, they chat about the fight against climate change, his relationship with his wife and children and balancing time between work and home."
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