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Sons of Guns

SONS OF GUNS centers on Will's Red Jacket shop, located in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. When Will isn't rebuilding a "bring-back" rifle from the Vietnam War or using his wealth of weapon history knowledge to determine if a pistol found in the...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Sons of Guns
"Will decides to attempt what no one has been able to do and try to satisfy the demand for a silenced shotgun generated by the film \"No Country for Old Men.\" To top off the week he certifies a Civil War cannon for operation with a few test firings."
"Red jacket helps out a SWAT team by building a \"Masterkey\"; an M16 with an under-mounted shot gun."
"Red Jacket refurbishes a World War Two flame thrower for the man who used it and a bit of more routine business."
"Will puts the whole shop to work building a Browning machine gun and even flies in expert. Meanwhile Stephanie hits her weekly sales goal in two days then takes off to go bow fishing."
"Firearms expert Tiger McKee asks Will, owner of Red Jacket Firearms, to build a gun that Tiger calls the samurai sword for today's warrior -the lightweight AR-15 Katana rifle. Also, Historian Glen finds a rare Civil War Coffee Grinder gun, but is it real?"
"A customer asks Will to do the impossible; build an integral suppressor for an AK-74. Then for fun he works on a swivel mount for a cannon."
"Red Jacket works on building a larger diameter bazooka for re-enactments."
"The local sheriff asks Will, founder of Red Jacket Firearms, to convert a semi-automatic Tommy Gun into a modern, fully automatic weapon. Also, forensics firearms expert Charlie, tackles the impossible: a samurai sword-like machete."
"A movie production company asks Red Jacket to blank adapt a machine gun which earns Chris a bit part in the movie. Stephanie wants to give her dad what he refers to as a Leopard gun; a double barreled sawed off shotgun with a pistol grip."
"Red jacket restores an antique gun that might be loaded. Then they work on a remote controlled machine gun for the troops in Afghanistan."
"Red Jacket mounts a shotgun on an ATV for a partially paralyzed war veteran. Overloaded with work Will interviews for a new hire."
"Red Vacket designs a weapon to quickly kill an alligator without damaging its valuable hide."
"A shipping company turn to Red Jacket to build a rocket system to discourage pirates. A customer brings in a classic machine gun to refurbish."
"Vince, Red Jacket's lead gunsmith, creates a kill stick for alligator hunters - a weapon used at point-blank range that humanely kills gators without ruining their valuable hides. Also, forensics expert Charlie, tests the ballistics of some unusual guns."
"Red Jacket modifies a pair of M16s for a twin mount and water cools them to provide continuous suppressive fire. Jennifer and Chris close sales but Chris gets caught with his girl friend on company time."
"The new guy gets to build another MG 42 when a customer brings in a kit that was mangled to get past the ATF. Will gets ambitious and wants to build a machine gun that collapses to look like a lunch box."
Season 2 - Sons of Guns
"Will celebrates Red Jacket's 10th Anniversary by building a Triamese-three M16's joined together. Stephanie plans a surprise anniversary bash which almost backfires when Kris posts it a day early on the company website chatroom."
"The Red Jacket firearms crew returns as Will works to combine an AK-47 with a sniper rifle, and applies world champion archer Chris Brackett's request of building some exploding arrows."
"Will invites the American Chopper team to collaborate on a chromed machine gun with a handlebar trigger. Jerry Miculek, a world-class speed shooter, bets Will to see if he can shoot faster than an automatic AK, and Kris' guitar gun becomes a reality."
"Will tackles the ultimate challenge: taking four MG42 rifles and combining them into one. Then, a customer brings in a rare antique palm pistol in the hopes of firing it. Meanwhile, Kris attemps to get the shop organized."
"Will and the RJ crew tackle the impossible - taking a fully automatic Grenade Launcher, and silencing it. Meanwhile, Kris tries to make a hunting rifle float for a customer, while Will builds a version of a knife that shoots."
"Will and the RJ crew are now building guns for helicopters! Red Jacket is building a complete Mag 58 weapons system with a unique twist -- a swivel arm. Will takes a stock Uzi and makes it competition ready. Then, Stephanie goes on a wild ride."
"Will brainstorms combining a shotgun and a taser for the police, but someone in the shop will need to be tased for the demonstration. The RJ team puts back together a demilitarized WWII-era anti-tank artillery piece. Will lays down the law for Kris."
"Will's motto \"If you dream it, we can build it\" is put to the test when a local scrap yard owner requests a modernized Gatling shotgun. The Red Jacket team repairs a set of antique dueling pistols, and Will is challenged to a duel."
"Things get crazy when Will tackles a 57mm WWII Cannon. Meanwhile, Vince gives an AR15 the Red Jacket treatment for Super Bowl champion and New Orleans Saints kicker Garret Hartley. Then, things between Kris and Stephanie take an unexpected turn."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"With the SOCOM order still on hold Will is on edge so he decides to clean house. He builds a hybrid gun out of Red Jacket spare parts. Will keeps the boys busy on an R & D project, and has an explosive confrontation with Vince."
"Will and the Red Jacket crew restore a 20mm Oerlikon cannon and a twin 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun aboard the USS Kidd for an explosive 4th of July air show. Meanwhile, Steph designs a ladies line of Saiga .545 rifles, much to Will's chagrin."
"Will and the RJ crew are challenged to build a double-barreled, napalm spewing, flamethrower cannon. Meanwhile, against Will's wishes, Steph enlists Kris to help her design Derringer holsters for women. Also, Vince rebuilds a German K98 Mauser rifle."
"Will and the RJ crew restore a WWI Maxim machine gun, mount it to a plane engine and create an interrupter system allowing the gun to fire cleanly between moving propeller blades. Also, Vince and Steph team up to modify a Glock for a customer with MS."
Season 3 - Sons of Guns
"Will and the RJ crew transform a Ferret Scout into the ultimate riot control vehicle for the New Orleans PD - complete with grenade launchers, water cannons and a 1919 machine gun. Joe leads the project after witnessing a murder while in New Orleans."
"The crew must internally silence one of the loudest shoulder-fired guns in the world. Then, world record holding trick shooter Tom Knapp taps Red Jacket for a special project."
"The RJF crew secretly repair a gun that Will has turned away - a $55,000 Type 99-2 Japanese Auto Cannon used by Kamikaze Pilots in WWII. Then, Flem visits Vince and enlists him to help. Also, Will tracks down a rare Papa Nambu Pistol for a favored client."
"In this special, find out what it takes to make Sons of Guns - with interviews and behind the scenes footage from the RJF team and the film crew. From dangerous near misses and melting cameras to practical jokes and shooting contests, we reveal it all."
"Jesse James and Red Jacket team up to create a badass, aluminum Browning Automatic Rifle. Then, Will is forced to ask Vince for help when Jesse requests that Vince lead the project. Also, a priceless MP28 needs to be converted to an MP18."
"RJF is tested when a 70-year-old, $150K, full auto 40mm Bofors, a cannon with over 500 parts, breaks down 4 days prior to its sale. Also, the crew resurrects an 1855 Volcanic Pistol. Then, a rockin' .38 Special's secret markings reveal its royal lineage."
"RJF redefines armored cars when they conceal full auto M-16s and Claymore mines in an armored Porsche for a client that needs protection plus the ability to fight back. Meanwhile, Steph goes rogue and builds a custom AR behind Will's back."
"In this finale episode, Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide, enlists RJF to build the ultimate zombie gun. The shop divides into Team Max and Team Will, they build 2 guns, then meet up in the woods for a nighttime zombie apocalypse shootout."
"Inspired by the new \"Total Recall\", Kris builds a Red Jacket version of the Vector submachine gun used in the film. Sony surprises him by sending out the film's hovercars, synths, and more. Will surpises Kris even more with some secret-agent training."
"A former Navy SEAL sniper asks Will to modify a civilian H&K 416 for charity. Will agrees on one condition: that he helps the Red Jacket crew recreate the gun believed to be used to take out Osama Bin Laden, fast rope out a heli, and test their theory."
"The Red Jacket crew bring an antique, blackpowder Lyle cannon back to life for Aerosmith rocker Joe Perry. But one cannon is never enough. Kris and Flem repair and then square off to prove whose WW2 cannon is better: a German PAK 36 or an American 57mm."
"An avalanche expert challenges Red Jacket to build a gun that saves lives. Will agrees to reactivate a 57mm Recoilless Rifle for a mountain rescue team in the Pacific North West. Kris must build a mountain of snow in the Bayou to test out the gun!"
"The Red Jacket team attempts to bust an un-busted myth from Mythbusters. Tory Belleci and Kari Byron come out to Louisiana to help the team break the famous James Bond myth. Will Red Jacket be able to blow up a propane tank with a single gunshot?"
"Benelli USA, makers of some of the most prestigious firearms in the world, ask Red Jacket to improve their M4 Military shotgun. The team takes a shotgun designed for combat and supercharge it to Benelli Performance Shop standards for competition shooting."
"When two clients order 3-gun competition sets for their dads, Kris decides to secretly make a third set to honor Will. The gunsmiths agree to the overtime, but late nights lead to rookie mistakes that embarrass Will when he test fires before the client."
"Someone from Red Jacket must jump out of a helicopter after a special services contractor asks the team to build a tight quarters Para-shotgun. As things get hot, Will takes a call that may change Red Jacket forever..."
Season 4 - Sons of Guns
"A hurricane isn't the only thing brewing in this season's premiere. A blacklisted visitor shows up mid storm. An important order's mishandling wreaks havoc on the shop; meanwhile the largest weapon in Red Jacket history may also prove to be the deadliest."
"Will and Joe head out to Jordan for some high level meetings and leave the SOCOM order still hanging in the balance. Kris takes on a stubborn Solothurn without Will's permission. Will comes back to face a harsh reality."
"With the SOCOM order still on hold Will is on edge so he decides to clean house. He builds a hybrid gun out of Red Jacket spare parts. Will keeps the boys busy on an R and D project, and has an explosive confrontation with Vince."
"Flem modifies an MK-7 for a sub-machine gun champ's upcoming competition. In the meantime, desperate for revenue, Will agrees to overhaul a rusted out anti-tank cannon. Tempers flare between Joe and Kris as the missing SOCOM barrels put everyone on edge."
"Money is tight, Red Jacket has gone into the red and cutting down on OT causes tempers to flare. Steph brings in the Olympic shooting team to make a commemorative gun. Will has the crew build an MG-34 for two clients in order to keep the doors open."
"In an exciting challenge the crew modifies a PKM from a three man to a one-man combat unit. Will restores a Lefever rifle destroyed in a tornado. Kris makes a deal hoping he'll save Red Jacket but when Will gets bad news, he's ready to close RJF forever."
"As the SOCOM order finally gets completed, Tom's unpredictable ways put his job on the line. Will and Flem have a heart to heart about his future at RJF. The crew is challenged when a client brings in an Oerlikon that sent him to the hospital once before."
"In this season finale, Will is asked to build a sniper rifle for the sheriff but RJF isn't the only shop in the running. Will is faced with overcoming much more than a gun build. The contract and prides are at risk, when a key part doesn't arrive on time."
Season 5 - Sons of Guns
"After Red Jacket looses a lucrative contract, Will and Joe have a heart to heart about RJF's future. Will attempts to fit a 25mm Hotchkiss canon inside a pick up truck. Joe prototypes a flying drone, to fire remotely. Will is hand-delivered dreadful news."
"Joe's new role as CEO causes tension in the shop. Will keeps focused on their newest challenge - a snowmobile with twin MAG-58s attached to it. Charlie works on a rare seven-foot long Japanese Jingal rifle. Joe goes it alone on a risky deal with Vince."
"A former pro football player turned contractor hires Will to have a triple barrel 12 gauge demolition shotgun made. Joe's closed-door meetings and secret phone calls have everyone wondering what he's up to, and his new policies anger Steph and Kris."
"A WWII 75mm Scorpion Tank pulls into the shop's parking lot demanding Will's attention, and they soon discover that this Scorpion may have a lethal sting."
"Joe keeps trying to sell Will on making his building Red Jacket's new home. Plus, Will gets commissioned to attach a Mac 11 machine pistol to a Saiga-12 shotgun."
"A request comes in to have a long-range rifle mounted on a vehicle that can drive deep into the swaps. Will wants to debut a prototype of RJF .308, but Joe thinks using the RJF 300 blackout makes more business sense so they have a build-off!"
"Will senses danger in the way a rare, water-cooled, 50 cal Browning machine gun is running. He steps in to keep the shooter safe, by rebuilding the powerful gun. Charlie defies Will by taking on a friendly bet. Will gives Joe an ultimatum."
"Will faces his biggest challenges yet deciding on a new home for Red Jacket and working on the world's largest civilian owned gun, the 155mm Russian D20."
"Red Jacket finally finds their new home. During the relocation, Will is commissioned to mount the only known functioning Hispano-Suiza to a motorcycle sidecar."
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