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The Golden Girls

Defying the TV-industry "rules" that A) no viewer is interested in watching a situation comedy with an all-female cast and B) no viewer wants to see anybody over the age of 34, The Golden Girls was one of the few sitcoms in which all of the...

Duration:30 mins

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Season 1 - The Golden Girls
"Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche are three women who share a house in Miami, Florida. Dorothy's elderly mother, Sophia, unexpectedly moves in after her retirement home burns down, and Blanche accepts a proposal of marriage."
"When Dorothy's daughter Kate gets married, Dorothy must confront her ex-husband Stanley, who walked out on their 38 year marriage for a younger woman."
"Rose is afraid of sexual intimacy with her boyfriend, Arnie, because she feels she would be cheating on her late husband, Charlie."
"Blanche's sister, Virginia, with whom she has had a tense relationship for years, comes to visit. She reveals that she needs a kidney transplant to save her life."
"When Dorothy's doctor boyfriend makes a pass at Blanche, their friendship becomes threatened."
"Blanche's belligerent grandson David comes to visit."
"The girls' friendship is tested by a bowling tournament."
"Rose feels unsafe in her own house after a burglary."
"Blanche dates an aerobics instructor who is considerably younger than she is. Meanwhile, Rose's mother comes to visit and resents the way her daughter treats her."
"Sophia falls ill suddenly, and the other girls worry she may be having a heart attack."
"Stan returns to try and make amends with Dorothy."
"Dorothy's wealthy sister Gloria wants Sophia to move to California with her."
"Rose doesn't tell her friends that her boyfriend is a dwarf because she fears people will make fun of them."
"Dorothy's affair with a married co-worker meets with disapproval from her friends and her mother."
"After Rose's boyfriend Al dies of a heart attack in her bed, Rose fears that she is a death jinx in the bedroom because her beloved husband Charlie died of a heart attack in her bed as well. To make matters worse, after Rose tracks down Al's sister to notify her of his death, she comes to find that his \"sister\" is really in fact his wife!"
"Rose goes over her last will and testament with her daughter, who is shocked when she learns what happened to her expected inheritance."
"Blanche is concerned about the flirtatious behavior of her niece, Lucy."
"Dorothy is afraid to have an operation for a benign growth on her foot."
"A wealthy widower with two young children asks Blanche to marry him."
"An adult education teacher offers Blanche a passing grade in his course if she sleeps with him."
"Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche all come down with the flu at the same time."
"Rose loses her job and has trouble finding another one."
"Rose's sister Lily must come to terms with the fact that she is blind and needs assistance."
"Blanche's father, \"Big Daddy\" Hollingsworth, visits with the news that he's sold his house and wants to become a singer. Meanwhile, a boundary dispute over a fallen tree leads Sophia to put a curse on the rude neighbor who refuses to move it."
"The girls remember how they came to live together; Blanche put an ad for a room for rent on a grocery store bulletin board, and Rose and Dorothy answered it."
Season 2 - The Golden Girls
"Blanche believes she is pregnant. When she turns out not to be pregnant, but going through menopause, she believes her life is over."
"Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche win tickets to attend a post-premiere movie party with Burt Reynolds. However, a hitch in their plan occurs when they are mistaken for prostitutes."
"Blanche goes on a date with Stan as a favor to Dorothy, who is shocked and upset when the two of them actually have a good time."
"Rose's petition to save a very old tree attracts the ire of Freida Claxton, a misanthropic old woman, on whose property the tree stands. At a public hearing, Rose gets angry at Mrs. Claxton and tells her to \"drop dead,\" which she does. Rose blames herself for Mrs. Claxton's death, so the girls decide to pay her one final act of kindness."
"Dorothy's lesbian friend Jean develops a crush on Rose."
"Blanche's father reveals that he is getting married. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Rose enter a songwriting contest."
"Rose's daughter Bridget has an affair with Dorothy's son Michael."
"Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche's vacation to a tropical island is a complete disaster. Meanwhile, Sophia befriends a Japanese gardener who speaks almost no English."
"When Dorothy gets a job at the art museum where Blanche also works, tensions grow between the two of them."
"Dorothy and Blanche make up a fictional man who \"responds\" to Rose's personals ad."
"The girls all plan to visit their respective families for Christmas, but their plans are ruined when they are held hostage by a man dressed as Santa Claus at the Grief Counseling Center."
"Dorothy invites Sophia's sister Angela to visit, not knowing that the two of them hate each other."
"Stan takes advantage of the girls' hospitality while recovering from heart surgery."
"A famous actor in town for a local play tries to carry on separate, clandestine affairs with Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche at the same time."
"Rose's behavior changes after she says that she died from a throat spasm while in the hospital."
"The girls believe that an infant entrusted to their care by a couple during a marathon has been abandoned."
"As the girls figure out how they plan to accommodate some upcoming guests, they recall other unusual sleeping arrangements they've had to endure in the past."
"A teacher to whom Dorothy is attracted turns out to be a priest."
"Sophia believes her sister Angela is trying to steal her boyfriend from her."
"The other graduates at Blanche's sorority reunion make her feel her looks have faded, and she decides to have plastic surgery."
"One of Dorothy's students writes a prize-winning essay on what it means to be an American. After this, the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services reveals that the boy is in this country illegally."
"Blanche is bothered by her boyfriend's lack of polish and social graces."
"Dorothy's daughter Kate visits with the news that her husband has cheated on her and she is leaving him."
"Two police officers stake out in the girls' house to investigate their neighbors, who are suspected jewel thieves."
"As they plan a surprise birthday party for a friend, the girls recall prior birthday celebrations."
"Paul Dooley and Rita Moreno guest star as neighbors of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia contending with family and friends in this initial spin-off pilot of \"Empty Nest.\""
Season 3 - The Golden Girls
"Sophia befriends an elderly man who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Meanwhile, Rose tries to get her teddy bear back from one of her Sunshine Cadets, who holds it hostage."
"The girls recollect past attempts at starting their own businesses."
"Rose's uncle Hingeblotter dies and leaves Baby, his 29-year-old prize-winning pig, to her. The other girls object until they learn about the cash they will receive if they take care of the animal until it dies."
"The girls believe that a housekeeper that they fired has put a curse on them."
"Rose's aunt's funeral provides an opportunity for her, Dorothy, and Blanche to cope with some of their phobias."
"Rose is concerned about nuclear war, so she writes letters to both Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Ronald Reagan expressing her fears. Thinking it to be a heartfelt letter from a little girl, a Soviet emissary is so touched by the letter that he arranges a press conference to have \"little Rose\" read it publicly."
"A politician running for city council claims that Blanche slept with him."
"Dorothy goes out on a date with Stan's brother Ted."
"Although he is engaged to be married, Rose's cousin Sven falls in love with Blanche."
"Dorothy and Stan owe $5,000 to the Internal Revenue Service."
"The girls go to group therapy to deal with the growing problems in their friendship."
"Rose is smitten when an old army buddy of Charlie's arrives at her door with eyes only for her but the other girls are suspicious of his intentions."
"Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy find themselves vying for the attention of the same artist, while Sophia takes up practical joking."
"Blanche sees her daughter Rebecca for the first time in three years. When she learns her daughter is engaged to a man who mistreats her, she is afraid to speak out for fear of destroying their relationship again."
"Dorothy's friend, local author Barbara Thorndyke, treats Rose and Blanche condescendingly."
"The girls go to Hollywood to appear on the TV game show \"Grab that Dough.\""
"When Sophia's brother Angelo, a priest, comes to visit, she makes Dorothy and Stan pretend that they are still married."
"Sophia decides to move out of the house and live with her son Phil."
"Sophia, depressed over the departure of her best friend, becomes a third wheel in Dorothy's promising relationship with a new boyfriend."
"Sophia believes that her boyfriend Rocco, who claims to be a retired gangster, has robbed a bank to impress her."
"Rose tries to light a fire under her newly-retired boyfriend who has become a couch potato. But she's not sure she wants to go along when he decides to sail around the world. Meanwhile, the ladies' attempt to convert the garage into a guest room faces many obstacles."
"Dorothy's son Michael is engaged to a black woman who is twice his age."
"Rose must persuade a kids' TV show host not to kill himself after he is fired."
"On Mother's Day, the girls, who are all mothers themselves, recall past celebrations of the day."
Season 4 - The Golden Girls
"Blanche and Sophia are caught in a love triangle with an elderly Cuban cigar mogul."
"While Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche sit around and feel like their lives are boring, Sophia goes out and fights with the grocery store over a nectarine and a piece of meat, conducts a jazz band made up of old ladies, and volunteers at the hospital."
"Blanche tries to woo Ham Lushbough, the only man who ever turned her down. Meanwhile, Rose believes she saw a UFO fly over the house."
"Rose is nominated for the St. Olaf Woman of the Year award, while Blanche and Dorothy embellish her accomplishments on her entry form."
"When Sophia gets hit in the head by a baseball at a game, Stan encourages her to exaggerate her injuries to try and get a class action settlement out of it."
"When Sophia's friend Esther Weinstock dies, she goes to her funeral in Brooklyn. There, she confronts Esther's widower, Max, whom Sophia blames for the failure of her husband's old business."
"Sophia donates an old jacket to charity, not knowing that it contains a winning lottery ticket."
"Blanche's brother Clayton is afraid to admit his homosexuality, so he claims he slept with Rose."
"When Sophia is hospitalized with pneumonia, Stan comforts Dorothy. At the hospital, she sees a side of him that impresses her, and she tries to prevent him from getting married again to another woman."
"The girls need a new roof, so they scheme to buy and then sell a painting by Jasper DeKimmel, an arrogant painter who has a few days to live."
"Blanche makes a date with a man without realizing that he is blind."
"Rose tries to do something about her boyfriend's sexual dysfunction."
"Dorothy dates a short, bald man with whom she has nothing in common - except for great lovemaking. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche volunteer as big sisters for two teenage girls."
"The girls Valentine's Day dates all stand them up, so they sit around, eat cheesecake, and look back at memorable Valentine's Days past."
"Dorothy takes Sophia to Walt Disney World for \"quality time,\" but Sophia wants to ride Space Mountain instead. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche collaborate on a children's book."
"Rose is convinced that Bob Hope is her real father and that he will perform as the Master of Ceremonies at an upcoming charity benefit."
"Sophia is given money that is intended to be put into a Certificate of Deposit, but she buys a Cuban prizefighter instead."
"Dorothy blames herself when her friend and former classmate Trudy dies suddenly while playing tennis."
"Rose tries to overcome her addiction to painkillers. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia appear in a TV commercial for a pizzeria."
"Nobody believes Rose when she says that her younger sister Holly is a troublemaker."
"Sophia breaks her friend Lillian out of a retirement home that is worse than Shady Pines was. Meanwhile, Blanche decides to use her work bonus to have her breasts enlarged."
"As the girls vow to get in shape for an upcoming beach party, they recall past attempts at self-improvement."
"Two friends of Sophia's come to visit from Sicily with the revelation that Dorothy and their daughter, Gina, may have been switched at birth."
"A wealthy Japanese businessman offers to buy the house."
Season 5 - The Golden Girls
"Dorothy says that she is seriously ill, but none of the doctors she sees believe her."
"Dorothy learns that she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."
"Blanche's daughter Rebecca shocks her with her plans to conceive a baby by means of artificial insemination."
"When Rose loses her pension fund, she must get a second job to support herself. A local TV station hires her as an assistant to Enrique Mas, an egotistical consumer reporter."
"Ken Whittingham, Dorothy's lawyer boyfriend, wants to give up his law practice and become a circus clown."
"Rose feels inferior to her boyfriend Miles, a college professor."
"Martha Lamont, one of Sophia's close friends, is tired of the physical pain and suffering in her life and wants to kill herself."
"Blanche falls in love with her late husband's brother Jamie."
"After a high school classmate dies unexpectedly, Dorothy decides to fulfill a long-forgotten dream of being a stand-up comedian."
"Dorothy's son Michael moves in with her after his wife kicks him out."
"Blanche and her sister Virginia clash at Big Daddy's funeral, which Dorothy also attends. Meanwhile, Sophia takes advantage of their absences to rent their rooms out to boarders."
"The girls volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas day and learn that Stan has been thrown out on the streets by his current wife."
"The girls try to reconcile a pregnant teenage girl and her father. Meanwhile, Blanche starts to regret having written sympathetic \"love\" letters to a man in jail."
"Blanche is afraid to get too close to her boyfriend, even after he suffers a heart attack."
"Miles' daughter tells Rose to stop seeing him, Sophia has received over $100,000 in Social Security checks, and Blanche rents a car and pretends to sell it so that she can meet men."
"Sophia is suffering from memory problems so decides to make a trip back to her old Brooklyn home in the hope of rekindling her fading past."
"Blanche feels insecure about her body after having a pacemaker installed."
"A young man shocks Blanche when he shows up unannounced from Dallas, Texas and tells her that her late husband George was his father."
"Rose is afraid that a blood transfusion she had several years ago may have contained HIV-infected blood."
"Rose's old boyfriend Buzz, a musician with Spike Jones' band, shows up and wants to get back together with her."
"Blanche thinks the risqu\u00c3\u00a9 novel her sister Charmaigne has written is about her. Meanwhile, Dorothy argues with Stan's Czechoslovakian cousin Magda over Communism."
"Dorothy rekindles her romance with Glenn O'Brien, the married (now divorced) man she had an affair with several years ago."
"Sophia must confront a man that she put a curse on after he jilted her at the altar decades ago."
"Dorothy falls back into patterns of habitual gambling that she thought she had kicked several years ago."
"All the girls except Dorothy are excited when President George H.W. Bush plans to visit their house on his tour of Miami."
Season 6 - The Golden Girls
"Blanche's pregnant daughter Rebecca comes to Miami to have her baby."
"While Sophia is in the hospital, Rose is reunited with her biological father."
"When Stan finally has a successful business venture, he grows tired of being browbeaten by Dorothy."
"Dorothy tries to convince an aging hippie shut-in to come out of his apartment."
"Blanche's former nanny, Viola Watkins, reveals a shocking fact about Big Daddy."
"Dorothy attracts severe criticism for refusing to pass a star football player in the high school English Literature course which she is teaching."
"Dorothy resists Stan's attempts at reconciliation after he finally hits it big; Rose asks Sophia for help with dealing with an annoying co-worker."
"Sophia decides to become a nun to honor a friend who recently passed away."
"Blanche's late husband George suddenly turns up, claiming to have faked his own death, while Dorothy finds herself caught in a love triangle with two celebrities."
"Sophia asks Blanche for tips on how to please her boyfriend Tony."
"Blanche makes a date with a man she meets at a library, not realizing that he is confined to a wheelchair."
"When Sophia's son Phil dies, she must deal with her animosity towards his widow, Angela."
"Rose and Miles decide that they need more adventure in their relationship, so they take up skydiving. At the same time, Blanche is in an abusive relationship with a man named Rex Huntington, but doesn't see it until he grabs Dorothy's arm and squeezes it until it hurts."
"Blanche's homosexual brother, Clayton, plans a commitment ceremony with his boyfriend, Doug."
"Rose learns that her boyfriend Miles is really Nicholas Carbone, a mob witness relocated to Miami by the Witness Protection Program."
"Dorothy and Stan decide to remarry."
"As Dorothy and Stan plan their wedding, the other girls interview potential new roommates."
"Sophia becomes the recreational director at a senior center."
"After fearing him dead, Blanche wants her relationship with Mel Bushman to become more serious."
"To land a man at an audition for a production of \"The Taming of the Shrew,\" Blanche pretends that her baby granddaughter Aurora is really her own child."
"As Rose moves on with her life, Miles' sudden return complicates matters with her new boyfriend."
"Dorothy learns that Sophia turned away her prom date John, who is now in Miami, because of the way he was dressed. When she told her that he stood her up, Dorothy lost all her self-esteem and went out with Stan because of this."
"Stan wins a date with Dorothy at a charity auction."
"Police suspect that Sophia may be responsible for the fire that destroyed the Shady Pines Retirement Home."
"When the entire cast catches the Measles, the girls must take their places in the class play."
Season 7 - The Golden Girls
"Rose gets a big shock when she develops some old film she discovers in one of Charlie's cameras."
"A murder mystery weekend turns deadly, and Blanche is the prime suspect in a real-life murder."
"Blanche pushes her granddaughter Melissa into a beauty pageant she doesn't want to participate in. Meanwhile, an injured Sophia bonds with her nurse."
"Dorothy learns that her father was not Sophia's first husband."
"Rose is convinced Charlie is communicating with her from beyond the grave; Blanche dates a baseball player."
"Blanche faces off against the mother of her latest boyfriend over his affections; Stan convinces Dorothy to join him in therapy."
"While Dorothy goes out on a date, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia stay at home and recall past dates that they've had."
"As soon as Dorothy frees herself of Stan, her sister Gloria shows up and Dorothy catches her sleeping with Stan. In the meantime, Rose and Blanche hold a telethon to save a local lighthouse when a hurricane blows in."
"Blanche goes to Atlanta to try and halt the demolition of her grandmother's house. Meanwhile, Sophia's behavior becomes more reckless after a near-death experience."
"A soldier returning from the Persian Gulf sweeps Blanche off her feet."
"When Pope John Paul II visits Miami, Sophia wants to see him and ask for the blessing of a sick friend."
"A man from St. Olaf visits claiming he dated Rose when they were teenagers, but she doesn't remember him as one of the many boyfriends she had in her youth."
"Dorothy's old high school teacher, Mr. Gordon, plagiarizes something she wrote."
"Blanche thinks her sex appeal is fading when her boyfriend doesn't want to sleep with her. Meanwhile, Dorothy dates a musician who portrays a Beatle in \"Beatlemania.\""
"Dorothy learns that auditions for the TV game show \"Jeopardy!\" are coming to Miami, and she plans to try out for it. Later, she dreams of a bizarre game of Jeopardy! which pits her against Rose and her neighbor Charlie Dietz."
"Dorothy and Stan are accused of being slumlords by the tenants of the apartment building they jointly own."
"Blanche is upset when Dorothy becomes popular with the patrons at her favorite bar, the Rusty Anchor."
"After she sees Dorothy and Miles' spur-of-the-moment kiss, Sophia must tell this to Rose; the last thing she needs to do to break the curse is tell a friend of a betrayal."
"Miles' birthday is coming up, so Blanche convinces Rose to present him a naughty picture of herself as a gift. Meanwhile, Dorothy lands a highly-paid new job teaching adults, much to Sophia's delight."
"As Rose prepares for a triple coronary bypass, she makes the girls promise to have their heads cryogenically preserved when they die."
"As Dorothy and Lucas prepare to get married, they try to persuade Sophia to come live with them in Atlanta."
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