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A single-camera comedy that features three friends who work together from 9 to 5, live together from 5 to 9 and party together 24/7. Dress codes, deadlines and waking up before noon are not things these guys are used to. They work as telemarketers...

Duration:22 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Workaholics
"The guys must figure out how to pass a drug test at work."
"The guys go to extremes to try and get tickets to a sold out basketball game to impress a girl."
"The guys camp out in the office when their apartment gets fumigated, tripping shrooms while they're at it. Later, a burglar breaks in while they are there."
"The guys compete for a promotion at work."
"The guys take their boss's brother for a night on the town."
"The guys go on strike when the boss won't let them observe their Half-Christmas holiday."
"The guys try to stop Jillian from attending a work function, so they set her up on a blind date to an Insane Clown Posse concert."
"A local child molester attracts the guys' attention, but not, as it turns out, for the reason they expected."
"Blake and Anders lose Adam to a super rich lady."
"The guys try to save the day when the CEO arrives to liquidate the company."
Season 2 - Workaholics
"When something they love is taken from them, the guys go undercover at a high school to investigate."
"After a hard night of partying the guys try to go sober for a week."
"When a hot girl temps at TelAmeriCorp, the guys have to find a way to not constantly have erections."
"Adam's desire to become a professional model puts the guys at a crossroads."
"Ders wrestles with his impending mortality when he turns 25."
"When Jillian gets put in charge at work, all hell breaks loose."
"The guys go on the lam from a security guard in Montez's gated community."
"Workaholics cordially invites you to the wedding of Karl Hevacheck."
"The guys go on a Man Trip to reclaim their machismo."
"The guys have 6 hours to get Blake a passport, or they'll miss their Thanksgiving trip to Hedonism II."
Season 3 - Workaholics
"The guys plan their first acid trip."
"The guys cheat on Karl with a new drug dealer."
"The guys enlist Adam's obese cousin to get a handicapped parking pass."
"The guys battle Montez in Small Claims Court."
"The guys face the death of a beloved co-worker."
"The guys' friendship is tested when Ders' dad comes to visit."
"The guys welcome two members of their favorite faith-based strong man group into their home."
"The guys have to beat Alice to work or risk being fired."
"When Montez suspects his wife is cheating on him, the guys help him find the culprit."
"The story of how Adam, Blake, and Ders first met."
"The guys are determined to be the funniest ones at an office roast."
"Things get spooky when the guys discover a former employee may be haunting the office."
"The guys meet their new boss when Alice quits being their old boss."
"The dudes become obsessed with betting on high school sports."
"Alone on Valentine's Day, the guys turn to a webcam girl for romance."
"Adam and Ders try to become rich inventors, while Blake joins a teenage art collective."
"The guys visit an old folks home and meet Adam's grandfather."
"The dudes go on a midnight road trip for the ultimate breakfast burrito."
"The guys all need a copy of a new video game for very different reasons."
"When Alice introduces an automated calling system, Blake imagines a future where the machines have taken over."
Season 4 - Workaholics
"Blake, Adam and Ders work out a deal with Montez in order to get tickets to an electronic music show; however, things don't go as planned, and they are forced to attend Montez's wife's baby shower, where they try to distract the ladies in attendance."
"The guys try to get Alice laid so they can have an office fish fry."
"The office holds an election to decide who's in charge of breakroom snacks."
"When the guys encounter a television journalist who exposes scams they put the entire office in jeopardy."
"The guys film a documentary about Karl's medical procedure."
"The guys party with the ultimate frat bro, Stan Halen."
"The guys become children party clowns to pay for a pool slide."
"The guys go to any length to impress college girls."
"The guys quit TAC to start their own taco and weed shop."
"The guys race each other to get a free massage chair."
"The guys play in an office basketball tourney for a trip to Reno."
"The guys confront an online gamer who's been terrorizing them."
"The guys celebrate their common law marriage."
Season 5 - Workaholics
"Alice asks Anders to assemble a team of co-workers and head over to a near by college campus to recruit potential TeleAmeriCorp workers. After no one but Blake and Adam are up to the task, the three embark to college where each goes on his own adventure through campus."
"In order to raise enough money for their rent, the guys create a public access wrestling show."
"Ders is forced to revisit a traumatic event from his youth when Adam and Blake convince him to attend a reunion of his high school swim team."
"Adam, Ders, and Blake start a band called Menergy, but Adam and Ders kick Blake out of the band because they don't like his singing voice."
"The guys have a wild night at a neighbor's house that causes them to reassess their friendship."
"After agreeing to hand off a mysterious package for Karl, the guys stage an office-wide ditch day so that they can stay home and make the deal."
"Adam's grandfather dies, so he and his father steal the body and set out to give him a proper funereal."
"Adam, Blake, and Ders try to get the most amount of blood for a drive."
"Adam gets his first girlfriend, but before he dates her he decides to do everything on his bachelor party wish-list."
"Adam and Blake's trivia party gets in the way of Ders's career ambitions."
"Adam goes into a sales slump, and Ders and Blake hire an actor to snap him out of it."
"Adam, Blake and Ders take peyote and find it challenging to baby-sit."
"The guys reminisce about their first day of work at TelAmeriCorp."
Season 6 - Workaholics
"The guys ditch their lazy days at the office for a high octane work environment."
"After a weekend of partying Adams realizes that meth not only works great for parties, but also for work. During a morning of massive LSD and meth consuming, Adam finds himself in a dark place in his mind. While Blake and Ders are struggling to find Adam they come up with a plan to bring in an actor to play the role of Adam for their pending probation meeting. What they don't know is that the actor also has a love for meth."
"Blake and Jilian find a cat in dumpster. Anders, Adam and Blake use the cat to pick up chicks which leads to friction among the friends."
"Boiler Room meets Wolf of Wall Street."
"Adam and Ders plan a 4\/20 party, but Blake's new girlfriend harshes their buzz."
"Adam, Blake and Ders try to become social media stars."
"On Ders Day, the guys wreak havoc inside a museum."
"Alice's sister visits the TelAmeriCorp office."
"Adam, Blake and Ders open a casino in their house."
"The boys go on a quest to claim the last surviving copy of their favorite porn tape: The Nuttin' Professor."
Season 7 - Workaholics
"The guys battle a group of trainees for the title of \"best office pranksters.\""
"The guys help Alice's father sell a new product by throwing in a little something extra."
"The guys try to make the most of their stay at the TelAmeriCorp beachside timeshare."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"In order to impress festival girls, the guys throw their own version of Coachella."
"The guys see danger everywhere while on a trip to a remote mountain cabin."
"The guys race their coworkers for the rights to sell a line of remote controlled cars."
"The guys recall competing together on a reality dating show."
"Corporate sends motivational speaker, Bianca Toro, to assist the office."
"The guys become party gods after an energy drink company starts paying them to throw ragers."
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